Meeting Summary, May 5, 2022

Attending: Clark, Hultgren, Palmer, Taylor

The meeting began at approximately 7:08 pm. The minutes of the April 7th meeting were reviewed and no changes made.

In membership updates, Taylor said his 10 Merchants at Storrs Commons would join as separate business members for 2022 rather than one membership for the whole complex. (Note: that will give Bike Mansfield more business members than individual members to date for 2022!)

The upcoming June 4th Tour de Mansfield was discussed and Hultgren said he may be helping in the early morning to place the signs that were suggested at a few intersections along the route. He also said that the MDP had asked if Bike Mansfield members would like to help place posters (8×11) advertising the event. Each of the members attending said they would place two – Hultgren will get 8 posters from the MDP and deliver them this month.

Clark reported on the UConn Community Ride held on April 10th and said there were about 70 participants. She also said that Bike Mansfield and the UConn Bicycle Working Group participated in the April 20th Spring Fling on Fairfield Way. She said that the Active Transportation Plan’s consultant work was continuing and the next public presentation would be a draft of the plan in July. She also reported that the BFU application was on target for the August submittal to the League and that Sean Vasington from the UConn Construction & Design Office would be helping with the final review prior to submittal.

Hultgren said that he was still trying to get a meeting with the Southeast School Principal to discuss the next steps for setting up a 4th grade bike education program at the new Mansfield consolidated elementary school. He was now asking the Principal to suggest a time when she and her PE teacher could meet and he would invite the interested others to the meeting.

Hultgren said he had been asked to revise a section of the draft Mansfield bicycle/pedestrian plan by the Town’s Parks Coordinator and he would be working on this in May.

A notice for the “Ride of Silence” on May 18th (7pm, MCC) will be sent to the Bike Mansfield email list.

The portal for the BFC renewal application, which was supposed to be functional on May 1st was not yet open as of this meeting. When it does open, a considerable effort among members (and the Town) will be required during June and July.

Taylor expressed some frustration with the State DEEP & DOT not being able to accept his offer to put lighting in the Bolton Notch bike tunnel. Hultgren said he would check with the CROG grant administrator to see if he might be of some help with this, or at least getting us in touch with the Bolton Notch bike improvement project Project Administrator.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Lon Hultgren, Secretary Treasurer