Meeting Summary, July 7, 2022

Attending: Clark, Hultgren, Palmer, Taylor, Waldburger, Serazo, Ross

The meeting began at approximately 7:03 pm. The minutes of the May 5th meeting were reviewed and no changes made.

Clark reported that the UConn BFU (Bicycle Friendly University) application was essentially complete and it is being reviewed by the UConn Architecture and Design office prior to its submittal to the League in August. She also said that the campus active transportation study was on-going and she had requested a preliminary draft of the study to be included with the BFU application. The next public input session for the active transportation study was scheduled for 2PM on July 19th. A link will be sent out to the Bike Mansfield email list when it is available.

Hultgren said that he was still trying to get a meeting with the Southeast School Principal and PE teacher to discuss the next steps for setting up a 4th grade bike education program at the new Mansfield consolidated elementary school. Waldburger said that the South Windsor 4th grade classes had now been scheduled for the 22-23 school year (Sept 12-16, Oct 3-6, Oct 11-14; April 17-24, May30-June 5 at the various elementary schools) and people interested in helping with or seeing this program live and in-person are invited.( For more information contact Ken Sek at,) Hultgren will pass his info onto the Southeast staff in trying to get the needed organizational meeting scheduled.

Hultgren said he was still working to reformat portions of the draft Mansfield bicycle/pedestrian plan to match the format of the Town’s POCD as suggested by the Town’s Parks Coordinator.

Hultgren asked members to be thinking about a bicycle-related activity for the Bike Mansfield booth at the upcoming Town Festival (Sept 24th). He said that Amy Watkins from “Watch for Me CT” would share the Bike Mansfield booth that day to help get the bicycle and pedestrian safety message out to attendees.

The portal for the BFC (Bicycle Friendly Community) renewal application was finally on-line in early July (all applications including renewals have to be made through this on-line portal). Hultgren passed around a summary of the application (“application preview”), which is 84 pages long, and said that since it had just become available he hadn’t had a chance to organize/suggest a response team between applicable Town Departments, the Health District and Bike Mansfield volunteers. He said he would do this in the next week or so and communicate this to interested participants. He also said that this time the portal has the ability to accommodate several “collaborators” who can have access to the application as it is being completed. (Each collaborator can have their own email and password; however, only one person can be working on the application at a time.) Waldburger was able to get to the League’s website that had the link to the overview of the application, and noted that a login was not necessary to gain access to the “application preview”.

The meeting was concluded at approximately 7:40 pm.

Lon Hultgren, Secretary Treasurer