Mansfield Bike Rides

Mansfield, CT Bike Maps

Here are links to maps that cover popular nearby rides”

This map contain the current bike routes in Mansfield and is in PDF format.
Click to download or view.

INSTRUCTIONS for how to obtain the suggested ride routes for live use on your smart phone.

  1. If you haven’t already, download the app “Ride with GPS” (RWGPS) onto your smart phone from the Google play store or the IOS ITunes store on your Android or Apple phone.  This app has a free version that should be all you need to get the ride onto your phone, unless you want spoken turn-by-turn directions which you can get with the paid versions.
  2. Turn on your location (GPS) on your phone so that it knows where you are (assuming you are within a few miles of the suggested rides.
  3. Open the RWGPS app on your phone and set up your profile, username, password, etc. or any other information that it needs.
  4. Navigate to the home page (it will say Home near the top of the screen).
  5. Click on the “Find” button near the bottom of the screen (looks like a little magnifying glass)
  6. Pick the suggested ride that you wish to use from the list on the Mansfield Bike Routes map (for example, the ride “Boat Launch”), and note its distance (approx. 9 miles) and feet of climbing (approx. 580 ft).
  7. Fill out the search form that appears on the screen with the following information:
    1. First line (“Within”) click and scroll down to 10 miles.
    2. 2nd line (“Length”) click the two distance blanks and scroll to fill them with mileages that will bracket the length of your selected ride (in this case use 8 to 10 miles for the 9 mile ride). For the other suggested rides bracket the ride length with appropriate mileages.
    3. Uncheck the box that says “Only rides with cuesheets” (you DON’T want this checked).
    4. Enter one or more of the ride title’s words into the “Keywords” fill in. In this example type in “Boat Launch”.  For other rides use the appropriate key word(s).
    5. Hit the done key and then click on the search bar.
    6. Scroll down through the rides that show up from your search until you come to the appropriate one from Tolland County and dated Feb, 2020.
    7. Click on this ride and it should now appear as a red-line map on your phone. (Check to see that the distances and feet of climbing are similar to what is listed on our route map.  They may not be exact matches, but should be close.
    8. If you want to pay for the app and its voice navigation, click on either the Navigate or Download tab near the bottom of the screen. If not, just use this red-lined map by tapping on the red circle on the right side of the screen to see your location dot relative to the map on the screen.  You can zoom in to the starting location (red circle pointer with a white square) and see where the route goes, what streets it uses, etc. so that you can ride it using this screen as a guide.  Your location should show on the map as you ride through the route so that you can tell if you are on the suggested route.  That’s it!

Once you are familiar with a ride route, you can go back to the home screen, hit the “go ride” button and create your own ride for your personal record and use.  When you are done with this ride, be sure to title it something else so as not to confuse it with the ride you got off the Mansfield Route Map.  (You can do the same thing (creating your own ride record) with either the “Map My Ride” or the “Strava” riding apps, but we haven’t figured out a way to have our suggested rides show up in those apps using their free versions.

Wear a helmet and ride safely!

Disclaimer:  Bike Mansfield is providing these suggested rides and instructions as to how to obtain the routes of these rides for your entertainment and personal use only.  We make no guarantee that the ride or route is complete and that it is perfectly safe.  Riding a bike on public roads can be dangerous, so be careful. We make no guarantees as to your safety, and accept no liability for any events arising from your use of these maps, routes and instructions.