Meeting Summary February 8, 2024

Attending: Hultgren, Serazo, Manizza, Clark, Thorne, Waldburger

The meeting began shortly after 7:00pm in the lobby of the Nash-Zimmer Transportation Center.

Thorne updated members present on the effort to get a CWA Chapter established in Mansfield. He said that in talking with the Town’s Human Services Director that the ARPA grant funds could possibly be used for the first year’s insurance premium if a letter requesting this was sent to the Human Services Advisory Committee that was scheduled to meet on the coming Wednesday. Hultgren will coordinate with Thorne to get him this letter. Thorne said that other things that need to be done include the compiling of the routes to be used, recruiting and training the pilots, and how rides would be scheduled. Hultgren reported that he had polled Bike Mansfield’s Board of Directors and they were OK with having Bike Mansfield start up the CWA program and run it for a year or two, but with the provision that after 2 years, another agency or organization will have to take it over. Another meeting to discuss this with the Town agencies will be scheduled.

Hultgren said the bike storage trailer will be delivered to the Town in late April and he was looking into whether there will be enough time to get the trailer custom wrapped before it is put to use. He said temporary magnetic signs could be used if there isn’t going to be enough time this spring. He also said that there was potentially a 10% reduction in the wrapping price if it is purchased by a veteran. Manizza said there may be TCC veteran members that would be willing to do this purchase (on a reimbursable basis of course). Recruitment and training of volunteers to help with the program (May 28 – 31) was discussed. Serazo said that the Health District’s volunteers may be able to assist.

Hultgren said the final edits to the Mansfield Bicycle/Pedestrian Master Plan were being done by the Town staff and hopefully the final plan will be sent to the Town Council for approval at one of its meetings in March.

Bike Mansfield memberships and fundraising for our continuing big projects (4th grade Bike Ed and CWA) were briefly discussed again. One-page descriptions of these projects that can be given to new/renewing business members are still needed for the canvassing effort.

The meeting concluded about 8:10pm.

Lon Hultgren, Sec-Treas