Meeting Summary, Aug 3, 2017

Attending: Palmer, Hultgren, O’Keefe, Clark

The meeting was begun at 6:35 pm in the Nash Zimmer Transportation Center main lobby.

The meeting notes from the June 1, 2017 meeting were approved by consensus.

Hultgren circulated the July 31st bank statement showing $637.21 in the Bike Mansfield checking account. He also circulated the current paying member spreadsheet which showed 27 individual members and 9 business/organizational members. He noted also that he had the new bicycle commuter club enrollment form which he will send to Palmer to reference on the website.

Hultgren and Palmer reported on the meeting/training session that was held with the Mansfield Resident State Trooper’s bicycle liaison and the Engineering Department to discuss bicycle safety in Mansfield. Among the good ideas that came out of this meeting was a two-sided information card with safety tips for motorists for dealing with cyclists on one side and tips for cyclists on the other. As part of a wider PR program Hultgren suggested a slogan was needed to put on the of all the cards, brochures and other materials developed and used in the campaign. Suggestions for a catchy safety slogan for motorists and cyclists are welcome.

The 2nd annual photo contest and Sept 17th Town Square Festival booth was briefly discussed. Hultgren will send the short-version of the contest rules to Palmer for including on the website and making into a flyer for general distribution with last year’s winning picture on it. Palmer will be out of the area on the 17th; Clark and Hultgren said they could help run the booth and other Bike Mansfield members will be asked to help as well. Hultgren will send out an email notice to the mailing list regarding the contest. Manizza will be notified as well so he can plug the contest on the air.

O’Keefe suggested a link to the Facebook page be placed on the website. Hultgren will forward the pictures from the Tour de Mansfield to Palmer as well.

The remainder of the meeting was spent going through the BFC application, question by question. A few gaps in information remain that will be sought out prior to the application’s submittal (by Aug 17th). In addition, a list of attachments to the application was developed and Hultgren will begin to assemble these documents and pictures to upload to the last section of the application.

The meeting set a record for the organization, not ending until almost 10:00 PM!  The next meeting is scheduled for September 7, 2017 (1st Thurs).

Lon Hultgren, Secretary-Treasurer

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