Meeting Notes: November 5, 2014

Notes from the Mansfield Bicycle Advocates Meeting held on 11/5/14 in the NZTC.


Present: Hultgren, Manizza, Taylor, Dean, Weinland

The group examined the Town’s existing bike route system and map and identified road sections that everyone felt needed to be added because of their current usage by cyclists. Hultgren said he would prepare a list of these recommendations and circulate them to the advocates group for editing prior to sending them to the Town Planner and Transportation Advisory Committee. This draft memo/list is attached.

The meeting lasted about an hour (6:30 to 7:30 pm).

Lon Hultgren



To:      Linda Painter, Director of Planning

John Carrington, Director of Public Works

Mansfield Transportation Advisory Committee

From: Mansfield’s “ad-hoc” Bicycle Advocates

Re:       Requested Additional Bike Routes in Mansfield

As you are aware, members of Mansfield’s bicycling community who are interested in promoting bicycling in Town have formed an advocacy group. We have met several times, and plan to continue to meet to further this cause.

At our meeting on November 5th, we examined the Town’s existing system of bike routes from the perspective of avid cyclists – people who ride their bikes frequently in Mansfield – and would like to suggest additions that will make the bike route system more aligned with existing bicycling practices. Accordingly, we recommend the following additions to the current bike route system.

While all bicycle advocates want and appreciate separate bicycle paths (as have been constructed in recent years), this particular recommendation only deals with designating these additional routes, signing them and painting sharrows on the road surfaces so that other vehicles are made aware of the possible bicycles they may encounter on these road segments. Members of the cycling community are available to explain the particulars of these requests … but as stated above, these are the sections of roadways that are commonly used when riding in Mansfield.

Recommended Additional Town Road Bike Routes:

All of the Storrs Center roadways:

  • Dog Lane to the Greek Center
  • Charles Smith Way
  • Wilbur Cross Way
  • Bolton Road Extension
  •  Royce Circle


  • Eastwood Road and the East Leg of Hillside Circle (connecting to the UConn campus)
  • Bassetts Bridge Road
  • Browns Road from 195 to Mansfield City Road
  • Clover Mill Road (South loop from 195 and to Spring Hill Road)
  • Dodd Road
  • Mulberry Road
  • Wormwood Hill Road from 89 to Mulberry

Recommended State Highway Bike Designations:

(recognizing that the state will have to approve and participate in these designations)

  • Route 195 from 32 to 44
  • Route 195 from North Eagleville Road to South Eagleville Road
  • Route 195 from Clover Mill Road to Puddin Lane
  • Route 89 from 195 to Mulberry

cc:        Bicycle Advocates, BAC file