Meeting Notes: January 7, 2015

Notes from the meeting held on 1/7/15 at the Nash Zimmer Transportation Center (6:30 PM)

Attending: L. Hultgren, S. Santasiere, R. Manizza, D. Gosselin

It was a very cold evening, so the meeting was brief and to the point.

First off, Hultgren reported that the letter requesting additional bike route designations in Town was sent to the Town’s Transportation Advisory Committee (which will receive it at its Jan 8th meeting), the Town Director of Public Works and the Town Planner. He suggested that advocates check-in with the Planning and Public Works offices sometime before spring to see what is planned for these requests. Gosselin provided the name of a contact in the DOT’s Traffic Section who could be helpful in getting the requested State Highway sections also designated (note that inquiries will not be made with the State until the Town has endorsed these requests).

Secondly, the list of 7 proposed topics for a spring series of bicycle seminars/classes was reviewed. After considerable discussion, a consensus was reached to consolidate the topics under consideration into three approximately 1.5 hour sessions to be held weekly on Tuesdays or Wednesdays this April. Those 3 sessions were: #1. Bicycle Maintenance (in two 45 minute parts – the first dealing with tires and wheels and flats and the second dealing with minor maintenance and adjustments); #2. Bicycle Riding Techniques, Safety, and riding in the Mansfield area; and #3. The latest in bicycles and equipment (a mini-expo) with representatives from all 3 local area bike shops. Potential presenters were also discussed, who will be contacted if the course proposal is accepted by the Recreation Department.

It was expected that some of the additional advocacy and bicycle event planning being considered by the advocates group could grow out of this workshop series.

Everybody left to fight the wind-chill by 7:15 PM.

LRH 1/7/15