Meeting Notes: January 12, 2016

Meeting Summary, January 12, 2016

Nash-Zimmer Transportation Center

Attending:  Hultgren, Palmer, Manizza, Taylor, Ferron, Waldburger

The meeting was begun shortly after 6:30 PM, with everyone arriving during 2016’s first snow event.

Possible dates for the kick-off meeting for Mansfield’s Bicycle/Pedestrian master planning process were reviewed.  The best dates for members present were the Thursdays of February 4th, 11th and 18th.  Hultgren will communicate these dates to Linda Painter, the Town’s Director of Planning, and let everyone know what date is selected.

An update on the NZTC bike space area (adjacent to the existing bus lobby on the first floor) from Dee Goodrich, Transportation Coordinator, was read and circulated.  Manizza mentioned that he had made a suggestion, and members were not sure everyone had seen it.  He and Hultgren will forward this to Goodrich for comment.

Applying to make Bike Mansfield an official 501-3(C) non-profit was discussed and the consensus was to proceed.  A dinner/snack meeting with Amber Pierce to answer a few of the application questions will be scheduled when she is available.  A March organizational/incorporation meeting was targeted.

Spring (and summer) bicycle workshops at the Community Center were discussed as the deadline for the Spring brochure is the end of this week.  The concept of a “How to Raise a Bicycle Friendly Kid” was greeted enthusiastically, but thought that it would be better to do in the summer since considerable organizing needed to be done in the space of 2 or 3 days to meet the Spring deadline.  Hultgren said he had not received a response from Aaron Paterson on another bike maintenance workshop, but that he did hear back from Dave Waldburger on repeating the Smart Cycling class.  Dave also suggested we could show a couple of feature-length bicycle movies, of which he had the DVD’s as well.  Hultgren and Waldburger will draft something together for the Spring brochure for 2 or 3 workshops showing the film(s) and presenting the LCI Smart Cycling material.  (Note:  Since Waldburger also presented on bicycle touring last fall, a combination workshop with Smart Cycling and Preparation for Touring will be suggested.)

Finally a review of what activities Bike Mansfield should be focus on in 2016 took place.  Here are the results in approximate order of priority:

  1. Assist Mansfield in its bicycle/pedestrian master planning
  2. Continue to conduct bicycle educational workshops during the year
  3. Plan a table/booth/kid-friendly bike activity for the Celebrate Mansfield festival in September.
  4. Have a presence at the Tour de Mansfield
  5. Monitor and assist with the Town’s bicycle-friendly activities and policies (other than Master Planning) – signing, striping, parking, complete streets, trail maintenance, etc., etc.
  6. Support/participate in National bike month/bike week activities (May 16-20)
  7. Support/assist in the planning of a Mansfield Hollow to Bigelow Hollow bike route
  8. Assist in developing a 1-week, morning bicycle camp in Mansfield (most likely for a future year)
  9. Support the development of an inter-generational bike project

A few of our lovely “day-glow green” Bike Mansfield T-shirts in varying sizes are available.  Contact Hultgren if you are interested in one.

The meeting was concluded at approximately 7:15 PM.  The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday February 9th.

Lon Hultgren
Acting Scribe

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