Bike Accident Study

This is from an email investigating a new category of bike accidents. if you have experienced one as described (or know someone who has), please contact them at the email address below.

Based on personal experiences Dr. Anis Racy (a Board Certified Neurologist in Norwich, Ct.) and Jud Perkins, a retired business executive undertook a study to investigate a specific type of bike accident.

The accident characteristics are riding at generally a low to moderate level of exertion riders  seemingly go unconscious on the bike, the bike continues on its momentum a short distance and the riders falls with injuries from scratches and bruises to broken pelvis, collarbone and on an anecdotal basis (not in our study results) two fatalities. The common elements are road bikes with drop handlebars, no defensive injuries, no other similar experiences,  no recollection of the accident and a loss of consciousness from a few minutes to longer periods of time. In about half the cases the last thing the rider remembers is turning their head.

In our Phase I study we surveyed two bike clubs with about 325 members (roughly 140 over age 50) we’ve found nine people who have experienced this potentially serious accident (6.5% +/-).

Because this accident is not a known condition we have found that people rationalize other causes, and as such the accident could be more common than currently known. Our search of the internet has found others who have experienced the same accident but without a known cause.

Based on the Phase I results we are going forward with a Phase II study to expand our sample size, verify our hypothesis and solutions.

If you have experienced this accident, please send an email to Once we receive the request we will send them a Questionnaire to complete and return.

Thank you for your participation in this important study.

Anis Racy, MD and Jud Perkins

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