Meeting Minutes: October 12, 2016

Bike Mansfield Board of Directors

Nash Zimmer Transportation Center

Attending:  Pierce, Hultgren, O’Keefe, Waldburger & Weinland

The meeting was convened at 6:35 PM to consider the non-voting membership proposal that was discussed via email and at several of the recent Bike Mansfield meetings.

Several items were discussed prior to voting on the proposal:

  1. Pierce will draft a letter to the editor thanking the Town Public Works Department for the painting of sharrows on the bike routes in Mansfield.
  2. It was agreed to keep the annual membership dues at $15 and $30 as per the proposal, rather than increase them, at least initially.
  3. Pierce will lay out (draft) window stickers that members will be given – a small one for displaying on a vehicle (supporting members) and a larger one (business/organizational members) for displaying in a business’s window, both featuring the Bike Mansfield logo with applicable accompanying text.
  4. Hultgren will set up a PayPal account through the organization’s bank account to be able to receive dues electronically. He will also receive checks via the mail and keep a database of members (as outlined in the proposal).
  5. Pierce will work with Palmer to set up a place on the website to become a member and an email to be sent to the Bike Mansfield email listing announcing that memberships are now available.

Following the discussion the membership proposal (dated September 27, 2016) was moved by Weinland, seconded by O’Keefe and passed unanimously by the 5 of 7 directors present.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:47 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Lon Hultgren

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