Meeting Minutes, October 19, 2016

Attending:  Hultgren, O’Keefe, Weinland, Waldburger

The meeting was begun at 6:37 pm in the Nash Zimmer Transportation Center.

Hultgren gave a report on the status of the bank account which, after the purchase of the three gift certificate prizes for the photo contest, has $143 in it.  He said that as he was planning to purchase insurance from the League of American Bicyclists and learned that it was a requirement that Bike Mansfield be a member of the League in order to be able to purchase it.  At that point he donated the funds ($75) so that Bike Mansfield could join the League, and then proceeded to obtain the insurance quote from the League’s insurance carrier (approximately $243 per year), which was about $100 more than he expected (having obtained pricing a year earlier).  Given that the insurance was needed now to be eligible to receive a share of the workshop registration fees (estimated to be about $25), he abandoned the insurance effort for now.  Depending on future revenues, it still might be a good idea to obtain insurance for the club.

The implementation of the now approved membership plan was discussed.  Pierce is drafting an email for the mailing list announcing the available memberships.  Hultgren will set up a PayPal account so that memberships can be received on line, and Palmer and Pierce will work on a “become a member” section for the web page.  Pierce is also drafting a couple of window stickers (one small, one large) for supporting and business/organization members respectively. These activities will hopefully be accomplished this month so that we can start accepting memberships in November.

The Town festival booth and photo contest was reviewed – the winners have been given their gift certificates.  It seemed to be a great way to engage/invite the public into the booth, with a few booth modifications for the next time.  It was suggested that a photo of the booth be placed on the web page.

5 or 6 people attended the Fall workshop, held last week.  Aaron Paterson did his usual marvelous job instructing the attendees about bicycle maintenance.

Planning for a March 8th winter workshop was commenced.  Hultgren said that the info for the Recreation Department’s winter brochure was set except for final editing and the event will be held in the Transportation Center.  The session will inform those attending where to ride in the Mansfield Area (including if possible a few words from representatives from TCC and NERAC), the status of the Mansfield BFC re-application, and the status of the Town’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.  An interesting way to describe this session in the publicity we do for it was discussed (a “Launch”? of the new membership program or a “roll-out” of a local electronic database of ride routes in Mansfield?).  Evites will be added to the session’s publicity.  Lots of help will be needed to make this session an interesting and inviting bicyclists’ affair.

Hultgren noted that the Town is planning to have a couple of stakeholder/expert work sessions early in 2017 to discuss its pending complete streets policy.  A grant has been applied for to facilitate these sessions.

The meeting was adjourned at about 7:20pm.  The next meeting is scheduled for November 9th (2nd Wed).

Lon Hultgren

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