Meeting Summary, April 18, 2018

Attending: Palmer, Clark, Hultgren, Taylor, Ross, Weinland, O’Keefe

The meeting was begun at 6:33 pm in the Nash Zimmer Transportation Center. The meeting summary for the March 14, 2018 meeting was reviewed and approved by consensus.

Hultgren reported no changes in the Bike Mansfield bank account. He said the $100 Bike Mansfield check to sponsor this year’s Tour de Mansfield (June 9th) has yet to be written. He has filed the required IRS form for non-profits for the 2017 tax year.

The UConn ECCC bike race on March 24th was discussed. Hultgren, O’Keefe and Clark reported that the race went well and that the UConn Cycling Club did a great job organizing and managing the event.

Hultgren said he was still waiting on the final approval of the Safety Tips Card from the Resident State Trooper’s office, but that he expected he will have it very soon and be able to get a mass printing done. Distribution was discussed and suggestions made for places to put them (including the UConn transportation/parking office, alumni center, orientation office, the Bike Mansfield booth at the Tour de Mansfield and Festival on the Square, the local bike shop, the bookstore, Bike Mansfield business member establishments, the Town’s library, DPW, MCC, Police office, etc.)

Hultgren said the Southworth Preserve trail construction done by members of the New England Mountain Bike Association (NEMBA) had gone well over the past weekend and circulated pictures of the benched sections of the new trail (which will be open to bicycles!).

Assisting UConn with an effort to become a Bicycle Friendly University was discussed. Both Clark and Hultgren’s initial efforts to find the appropriate point person at UConn have stalled, so they will contact other UConn staffers to determine who this could be. Hultgren will attempt to recontact Rich Miller in the Environmental Policy Office, and others who work in or with the Transportation and Logistics Office.

National bike month and bike week and bike to work day (May, May 14-18, May 18th) were discussed, and planning for a table on the Town Square on the morning of May 18th was finalized with Hultgren to get the permit and bring the banner, a table and bike stand as well as the remaining water bottles (from 2017), O’Keefe to contact local businesses for food and swag, and Bike Mansfield members to be at the table and part of the celebration.

O’Keefe said he would contact more local businesses about becoming Bike Mansfield business/organization members and asked if other members could join him. Clark and Palmer said they would. He said he would email potential dates to them.

The Bike Mansfield sponsored workshop featuring Steve Moore who rode in the Ride Across America is confirmed for the evening of July 18th at the Mansfield Community Center. Additional publicity for this workshop will be needed.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:10 pm.

Lon Hultgren, Secretary Treasurer