Meeting Summary, November 7, 2019

Attending: Clark, Hultgren, Gosselin, Manizza, Serazo (Eastern Highlands Health District)

The meeting began very informally at about 6:40 pm, as people filtered in and participated in reviewing the first draft of the Mansfield Bike Routes and POI map. Hultgren asked several questions and got some consensus on what should be changed or included on the map, including: Title: “Mansfield Bike Routes with Points of Interest”. Short rides or loops should be outlined/annotated in a new legend and shown on the map with steepness arrows like on the State of CT’s bike map. Larger labels should be made for the major roads. Addresses should be shown in the legends for the POIs, Parks and Business Members, even if they are just approximate house numbers (for GPS use). The Route 195 north “share the road” bike section should be shown on the map along with the Mulberry Road section that connects Chaffeeville Rd to Route 89. Appropriate 1 or 2 line descriptions of the POIs, Parks and Business Members need to be composed and vetted. Hultgren will continue to revise the draft map and another mapping work session will be held for further editing.

Clark gave an update on the Bicycle Work Group (BWG) at UConn. She said she presented four recommendations for improving bicycling on campus to the UConn Transportation Board at their most recent meeting: 1) Completing the campus bike rack inventory; 2) Setting up an email address for questions of the BWG and the access/administration of this address; 3) A bicycling survey for the University community; and 4) a revisable bike map update showing current conditions/routes. The BWG will be meeting again on Nov 12th.

The meeting was ended at about 7:35 pm. A follow-up mapping meeting will be scheduled in late Nov/early Dec. There may or may not be a regular December monthly meeting on Dec 5th.

Lon Hultgren, Secretary Treasurer