Meeting Summary, June 10, 2019

Attending: Pierce, Clark, Hultgren, Palmer, Waldburger, O’Keefe, Jackman

The meeting was begun at 6:35 pm in the Nash Zimmer Transportation Center. The meeting summary for the May 2, 2019 meeting was reviewed and approved by consensus.

Hultgren gave a brief Treasurer’s report indicating there was about $550 in the checking account, with $1000 to be added when the Lions Club check for Bike Education in the schools is deposited.

Members helped with the registration for the Tour de Mansfield which was held successfully on June 8th. Next year the Downtown Partnership is planning to add some longer routes to increase attendance.

A grant for PE teacher training in Bicycle Education is being given to Bike Mansfield by the Mansfield Lions Club. Hultgren and Waldburger will work with the school administration to set up the teacher’s attendance at a training event in 2019-2020.

Waldburger said that the TCC would appreciate help from Bike Mansfield members in setting up and running the TCC Century on July 28th. A sign-up email announcement will be coming out shortly.

Ideas for the public’s participation in the Bike Mansfield booth at the Sept 21st Town Festival were again discussed. Logo water bottles seemed to be favored as give-aways at the booth, and Hultgren will look into pricing for them. Other ideas included fun facts and bike educational cards/ballots to engage folks.

Clark updated members on the UConn BFU working group’s efforts including a survey of bicycle parking on the campus and a presentation to the Transportation Board in September.

Business membership renewals for 2019 were discussed, and it was agreed that something other than a window sticker is needed to give business members a good reason to renew/join. The idea of an informal bicycle map for Mansfield was favored by all present, said map showing bike routes, landmarks and points of interest and listing (perhaps even showing) Bike Mansfield business members/logos. This will be explored further and a mapping construction meeting(s) scheduled in the future.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:36 pm. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday July 4th, but will be rescheduled for later in the month.

Lon Hultgren, Secretary Treasurer