Meeting Notes: March 9, 2016

Meeting location: Nash-Zimmer Transportation Center

Attending: Hultgren, Palmer, Waldburger, O’Keefe, Weinland, Yakovleff, McCarthy, Kalupsky, Gosselin, Goodrich (Mansfield’s Transportation Coordinator)

The meeting was begun shortly after 6:30 PM in the bike space lobby in the Transportation Center.

Since there was a good turn out for this 2nd Wed meeting, it was decided to continue this meeting date for a while.

Hultgren reported on the Capital Region of Governments Bike/Pedestrian committee meeting he had recentlyattended, noting that greenway projects both east and west of the CT river were expected to be funded this year. Of particular interest to Mansfield is the proposed greenway along the Route 44 corridor from Hartford to UConn.

The incorporation and first board of directors meetings to adopt bylaws and elect officers has been set for later this month (March 24th). After the incorporation documents and bylaws are adopted and filed with the Secretary of State, a business tax number (EIN) will be secured so that a Bike Mansfield bank account can be established. The 2 forms that go to the state carry $50 and $150 fees, so $20 was collected from the “to be” directors and others who wished to contribute at this meeting so that there is enough money to file these forms. Hultgren collected the $20, and made notes of who contributed for the financial records.

Hultgren said he also needed to get going on the Mansfield bike/ped master plan, and that he was meeting with the Town’s Assistant Town Engineer later this month to go over the mapping that is available now for trails and bike routes. He also said that the CHART program grant (through the EHHD) had a website now that displayed the toolkit for local PZC commissioners, which was due to be presented in late March and early April.

Yakovleff gave a status report on the Hollow to Hollow bike route project noting that more work was needed to come up with the improvements that will be needed and a rough cost estimate so that design and construction funding could be sought from the DOT and the state and local governments. Gosselin said he will forward the right-of-way maps to Yakovleff & Hultgren for their use. It was suggested that the project be submitted as a possible student project for UConn’s student engineering efforts and Hultgren will mention this to the Assistant Town Engineer when they meet.

Arrangements were made for popcorn and beverages at the April 20th and May 4th workshop/movie presentations at the community center. O’Keefe and Palmer will coordinate this. Publicity for the 3 workshops was also discussed.

Hultgren will send out a reminder email with the flyer that Gosselin made that should be distributed to everyone by all of us. It was also suggested the flyer be sent to BikeWalkCT for sending out to their members as well.

Goodrich outlined the Spring campaign for the NZTC bike commuting facilities, and asked if anyone from Bike Mansfield would like to help distribute/post the fliers she had produced. Several present said they would help.

2016 activities were discussed again including the preparation of Mansfield’s bike/ped master plan, the possibility of summer workshops (deadline approaching), the Tour de Mansfield (June 18th), and the Town’s Celebrate Mansfield Festival (Sept 18th). A booth has been reserved for the Festival. Several bike related activities were discussed for this booth that need to be further researched as to their feasibility.

The meeting was concluded at about 7:15 PM. As noted above, the next regular meeting will be held the second Wed of April (April 13th).

Lon Hultgren
Acting Scribe

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