Pre-order Bike Mansfield T shirts now

Bike Mansfield would like to be more visual, so we have decided to order (and proudly wear) T shirts featuring the Bike Mansfield logo.  These shirts will be sold for $15.00 each, which is just slightly more than what we will have to pay for them.  In addition to the Bike Mansfield logo on the front, the shirts will feature a “3 feet please!” message on the back, with a large horizontal arrow (see proofs below). By law that is how far motor vehicles need to stay from bicycles on the road.

So that we can order the shirts in appropriate sizes, we need to know who would like them and in what sizes.   Once we have established a critical mass, we will order the shirts and contact you when they arrive. You can pay for them at pick up, it is not necessary to prepay them.

If you would like to reserve one or more T shirts, please respond to the email address [email protected] with the number and sizes you would like, and let anyone else know who might be interested!

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