Author: Lon Hultgren

Bike Mansfield would like to be more visual, so we have decided to order (and proudly wear) T shirts featuring the Bike Mansfield logo.  These shirts will be sold for $15.00 each, which is just slightly more than what we

Bike Mansfield Meeting Notes, June 3, 2015 Attending:  Hultgren, O’Keefe, Pierce (2), Waldburger, Manizza, Santasiere (let me know if I missed anybody) We convened the meeting shortly after 6:30 PM in the lobby of the Nash-Zimmer Transportation Center.  Introductions were

Don’t be fooled! The next meeting of Bike Mansfield will be on Wednesday, April 1st at 6:30 PM in the lobby of the Nash Zimmer Transportation Center, Royce Circle, Storrs Center (the NZTC is on the south end of the

We are very excited to announce that Bike Mansfield is in the process of scheduling some Sunday morning rides that would originate from the Transportation Center in downtown Storrs. These will be either beginner or intermediate rides. Stay tuned for the

We are in the process of scheduling two more bike-related workshops for the summer quarter. One will be a repeat of the riding safety and techniques workshop being held on April 22nd, the other we are hoping to do another

Here are some “big picture” news bits: BikeWalkCT is having a 2-day summit/workshop in Wethersfield on Thursday and Friday April 23rd and 24th. The first day (Thurs) is a workshop of design practitioners; the second day is a meeting for

Attending: Hultgren, Palmer, Dean, Gosselin, Yakovleff (Guest) The meeting was convened at approximately 6:35 PM. Nord Yakovleff discussed his proposal to have the state set up bike lanes connecting Bigelow Hollow State Park to Mansfield Hollow State Park and asked

Notes from the meeting held on 2/4/15 at the Nash Zimmer Transportation Center (6:30 PM) Attending: L. Hultgren, D. Gosselin, Tim Weinland, Dave Waldburger (Thread City Cyclers current President) Hultgren relayed that the USDOT Secretary had recently issued a Walk/Bike

Notes from the meeting held on 1/7/15 at the Nash Zimmer Transportation Center (6:30 PM) Attending: L. Hultgren, S. Santasiere, R. Manizza, D. Gosselin It was a very cold evening, so the meeting was brief and to the point. First

Notes from the Mansfield Bicycle Advocates Meeting held on 11/5/14 in the NZTC.   Present: Hultgren, Manizza, Taylor, Dean, Weinland The group examined the Town’s existing bike route system and map and identified road sections that everyone felt needed to