Month: February 2016

Meeting Summary, February 9, 2016, NZTC Attending:  Hultgren, Palmer, Waldburger, Yakovleff, McCarthy, Gosselin, Goodrich (Mansfield’s Transportation Coordinator) The meeting was begun shortly after 6:30 PM in the now available bike space lobby in the Transportation Center (which, thanks to Dee

On February 4, 2016, Bike Mansfield hosted the first organizing event for development of a Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan as mandated by the Mansfield Tomorrow Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD). The turnout was very good and Lon Hultgren

All About Cycling Click here for a downloadable flyer: Please distribute to your friends and family. We are kicking off 2016 with an all new series of exciting bicycling workshops. All sessions will be held in the Community Room of

This is from an email investigating a new category of bike accidents. if you have experienced one as described (or know someone who has), please contact them at the email address below. Based on personal experiences Dr. Anis Racy (a